Contains Spirulina and 60 types of botanical ingredients fermented for over 1000 days for optimal wellness. A balanced food intake means taking the right type and amount of food for adequate nutrition and energy for maintaining cellular functions as well as to support normal growth and development. Spiruxen provides comprehensive balanced nutrition in a simple, convenient way to the busy and modern lifestyle.


  1. Provides vitality and energy for life
  2. Delays effects of aging
  3. Combats tiredness and fatigue
  4. Enhances concentration and mood
  5. Helps maintain and ideal weight
  6. Improves immunity and wards off illnesses


Spirulina Platensis, fermented botanical ingredients


This product is suitable for children and adults

  • For children below 12 years old, take 1-4 tablet(s) each time, 2 times daily before or after meals
  • For adults, take 10 tablets each time, 2 times daily before or after meals


  • 600 tablets
  • 3000 tablets

600 & 3000 Tablets