Bio Pure K-200 Water Purifier

Bio Pure K-200 uses the 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Purification System – the secret to perfect H2O only, to produce perfectly pure water (H2O). Dispensing both ambient and hot water on demand, it looks stylish and is a convenient addition for the entire household.


  • My previous diet had been very strict as I was sensitive to certain food with high sugar content. However, I feel that my health has become better after I started drinking water from Bio Pure R. O. System in March 2011. Now, I can eat whatever I like!
  • I currently reside in an area that is well known for its poor water supply system. Water from the taps is often yellowish. I was extremely concerned about the long-term consequences of drinking this water. I decided to change my lifestyle by installing Bio Pure R.O. System. Now, I am at ease whenever I drink a cup of water. Not only is it convenient, but its also easy to use!
  • In the past, I would need to perform several tasks in order to obtain clean water for drinking, cooking etc. Firstly, I would boil the water to kill bacteria, then I would pour it into the water filter to clean the water. I would repeat the process until we had sufficient clean water. After purchasing and using the Bio Pure R.O. System, my life is so much easier! I do not need to boil water anymore, and making milk for my children is so much easier and better. The water is clean and pure with the removal of bacteria, chlorine, chemicals and toxins, and there is no weird taste to the water. All we need to do is to change the filters regularly. I could not ask for more! Bio Pure R.O. System is really a good investment. Thank you, Elken!
  • My son, Tan Yung Wuang, 5 months old as he had been vomiting milk prepared with normal water. We were introduced to Bio Pure R.O. System and decided to give it a shot. To our surprise, Yung Wuang did not have similar response with milk prepared with Biopure R.O. water I believe it is all thanks to Bio Pure R.O. System. Thanks, Elken!
  • Previously, I had always felt weak with no energy to go about my daily activities or travel far. After drinking the water from Bio Pure R. O. System for 5 months, my health has improved and now I can walk for further distances. I am confident that the practice of drinking clean water can greatly help our health.
  • Prior to this, I had imbalanced acidity level in my body. If I ate the wrong type of food, I would have a stomachache and headache. After taking water from Bio Pure R. O. System for 5 months, I no longer suffer from these symptoms. Best of all, I now can enjoy more varieties of food and my health is so much better.
  • Prior to this, my skin was always itchy and lacked radiance. After taking Bio Pure R.O. water for a short period, my skin has improved and no longer feels itchy. On top of that, I have started washing my face with Bio Pure R.O. water and my skin looks much more radiant. Thanks to Bio Pure for all these benefits!