Biosafe Plasma Detoxifier

Biosafe uses a patented plasma technology to kill 99.9% of common bacteria and fungi minutes as well as decompose 99.9% of pesticides within minutes. The micro bubbles generated have more surface area for better and more effective detoxifying and sterilising results and is suitable for detoxifying vegetables and fruits and sterilising baby bottles, toys, utensils and other household items.


  • I work as a nurse in the cancer centre. I became attracted to BioSafe as I had always wanted to find a machine to disinfect my milk bottles and remove toxins that are commonly found in vegetables and fruits. After using Biosafe, my children began to enjoy eating vegetables and fruits, especially grapes and apples. I no longer worry about the quality of fruits and vegetables that I buy. I believe that my family may be spared from common physical ailment as I now serve them healthy and clean food
  • BioSafe is a unique detoxifier. I was astounded to see white bubbles appearing when dried mushrooms were being purified in BioSafe. I never realised that the mushrooms that we buy are that ‘toxic’. I am grateful that BioSafe removes toxins commonly found in food. Because of this, I no longer dare to order food that contains mushrooms in restaurants as they do not use BioSafe to clean their food.
  • Generally, vegetables and fruits kept in refrigerators will shrink and will not stay fresh after 2 to 3 days. However upon using BioSafe , I discovered that the apples left in the refrigerator for a month were still fresh and safe to eat! Tomatoes and red chilies also remained fresh after two weeks. BioSafe is an amazing product. It helps me save money as my fruits and vegetables can last longer.
  • I am so glad I own an Elken BioSafe machine at home. Now my beloved husband, Nor Naemi, can enjoy as much as 1kg of longan, his favourite fruit, without worrying about the presence of toxic pesticides! Before this, he would experience sore throat and stomachache after consuming only a few longans. What is more amazing is that with BioSafe, the vegetables that we eat and the cooked meals are fresher, more nutritious and last longer. With BioSafe, my baby bottles are also free of germs. Thanks you, Elken!
  • Nutritious food is very important to humans. Although vegetables, fruits and rice appear fresh, polished and clean in the markets, most of them are exposed to so many types of chemicals that even insects do not dare to eat them. Unfortunately, all these food ingredients are used in everyday meals. Biosafe aids in the purifying process of vegetables, fruits and rice. It also ensures food freshness and removes chemicals from our food. Food also smells better and I can also store Biosafe- purified food for more than two weeks in the refrigerator. Biosafe is one of the best ways to ensure good health for the entire family.